Hall of Fame Criteria

-Written by Claire Grindal adopted 5/12/2010

-Revised by Genevieve McDonald 10/15/12

-Revised by HOF Committee of Susan Oliver, Suzy Shepard and Chastity Hardie 3/2/19

What Constitutes a Hall of Fame Fishermen?

• They can be Male or Female

• The individual has worked in one or more of the following fisheries for the majority of their lives. Fisheries include lobster, scallop, mussel, clam, ground fish, worms, urchins, shrimp, etc.

• The individual has learned from peers and/or elders and has passed along knowledge and advice to others.

• During times of need the individual has helped others by retrieving boats, searching for people lost overboard, bringing in traps or gear, etc.

• He or she has made an effort to educate themselves and others on how to keep a viable fishery. Examples could be serving on a fisheries board, attending and/or holding fisheries issue meetings/talks, mentoring, etc.

• They have shown respect for the ocean, peers, and others belongings.

• The fishermans boat must be registered within the DIS and immediate surrounding areas the entirety of their career to become a Hall of Fame member. This could include Isle Au Haut, Brooklin, Blue Hill, Brooksville, Cape Rosier, etc. as long as the fishermen has made DIS their major fishing port/area. The IFWA reserves the right to settle any dispute with an entire board vote.

Please note that:

• Being lost at sea or an untimely death does not constitute becoming an automatic member of the Hall of Fame. The individual still needs to meet most, or all, of the criteria to be admitted. A wait period of at least one year after passing is mandatory before being considered a nominee but they may be added to the list at any time for future considerations.

 • Going to school or graduation from DISHS does not constitute reason enough to become a Hall of Fame member. The individual still needs to meet most, or all, of the criteria to be admitted.

• The IFWA will take into careful consideration all nominees and reserves the right to decide whom is chosen each year.

• Approval by the individual/or family of the individual is required.

Hall of Fame Speech Guidelines:

• Only one photo may be submitted per nominee

• All speeches will be written by an IFWA member

• All speeches will be read on Fishermen’s Day by an IFWA member or another individual if a special request has been made by the family (IFWA must approve this request).

• Great attempts will be made to keep speeches to less than 5 minutes